Termini’s success continued to create new opportunities for Mr Caputi; in 2000 he was offered the chance to enter the world of real estate finance by joining FIMIT sgr as CEO. FIMIT was, at the time, an asset management company established in 1998 upon the initiative of Medio Credito Centrale and INPDAP but shelved due to inefficient management. Caputi’s arrival marked the turning point.

2002 saw the placement of the first fund for the asset management company and also the first public contribution fund in Italy. The Alpha Fund also held the distinction of being the first property fund to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan. This success was strengthened in 2004 with the placement and listing of the Beta Fund which achieved record demand with a bid-to-cover equal to 1.3 times the offer. In 2006 came the first fund with a focus dedicated to the tourism and entertainment sector (including the famous former-Warner Bros multiplex cinemas: The Space). The Delta fund achieved a record collection of a good 210 million Euros in the placement phase.

Mr Caputi left the helm of FIMIT at the start of 2007 only to return in July 2008 as shareholder and CEO. In late 2008, in the midst of the financial crisis, Mr Caputi was given the opportunity to help the Italian banking system by having the property assets of the major Italian banking groups invested into institutional funds. With the Omega and Omicron Plus funds, Intesa San Paolo and Unicredit contributed over 500 properties for a market value of almost 2 billion Euros. For the Omicron Plus fund, over 1 billion assets, the entire share placement occurred in just 18 working days.

In 2009 it was the turn of the properties of the insurance group Fondiaria-SAI with the creation of the Rho fund. All these transactions developed and consolidated FIMIT’s leadership as the main national player and Caputi as Top Manager. Caputi is the manager who was able to obtain the trust of those wanting to increase the value of their property assets, of investors but also of international rating agencies. In the same year, Fitch Ratings upgraded FIMIT's asset manager rating to “M2/Strong”. This rating is measured on five management areas: the ability to select the investment, portfolio management, investment administration, risk management and business management.

Once again, in 2010, Mr Caputi’s success in creating value for the shareholders was confirmed with the involvement in FIMIT of the investment fund DeA Capital, De Agostini Group, already a market leader with over 5 billion managed assets. In late 2011, the merger between First Atlantic Real Estate (FARE SGR) and FIMIT SGR led to the creation of IDeA FIMIT SGR, the largest player in the sector of property funds in Italy with almost 10 million managed assets. In April 2012 Massimo Caputi has sold his share in IDeA FIMIT SGR.